about-Royaume-ludiQueRoyaume Ludique is your local toy shop with the most interactive children’s toys that aide in their growth and development through keeping them engaged. We are both a manufacturer of custom made children’s toys and a retailer that specializes in interactive, age appropriate and safe toys.

We fully understand that parents have always grappled with the challenge of getting the right toys for their children, which are not just meant to be playing aids but also catalysts in the continued growth and development of their children. That has been the main motivation for us to develop this business as we work towards answering the call of parents out there.

We ourselves have been parents and we understand that children’s development is always a priority for all parents and for a long time the toy industry has not satisfactorily addressed this need. This is a gap that we have made tremendous steps to fill and we’ll continue to do so. Through this platform we’ll also share with you interesting and insightful content on children’s toys, how they aid in children’s development and how to maintain their safety. Be sure to subscribe to access our regular updates.


Roux Beauchamp

Founder – Royaume Ludique