Children’s toys that help with their development

When buying toys for your children, it’s always important to know that such toys are never just meant to provide entertainment value to your kids, but they are also meant to aid in their growth and development. Therefore, when buying children’s toys you need to do your due diligence and even consult your pediatrician on which toys is age appropriate and safe.

We are therefore going to look at children’s toys that help with their development, and we will focus on these toys by age group.

1. Toys for infants aged 0 to 6 months

At this stage, babies are rapidly developing their coordination and senses therefore it’s a good idea to buy them toys that will aid in this. Therefore, they need the kinds of toys that prompt them to stretch out and reach for them, things they can hold in their hands and pass on from one hand to another and safe to put in the mouth, as well as toys with sounds they can listen to.

2.Toys for infants aged 7 to 12 months

At this stage, babies are learning how to be mobile. Typically they can crawl, roll, sit, stand and even walk and most importantly, they are beginning to learn how to interact with other people and objects around them. They therefore need toys that aid with this stage of their development such as dolls, balls, blocks, cars and so on.

3.Toys for toddlers aged 1 to 2 years

At this stage, toddlers are very mobile, have become very curious and will therefore experiment plenty, they can understand instructions and their language is rapidly developing. They can also play and interact with other kids. They therefore need toys that aid with this stage of development such as picture and audiobooks, crayons, toy phones, stuffed toys and dolls, blocks, balls, and so on.

4.Toys for children aged 3to 6years

At this stage, these children are growing rapidly, have become more inquisitive, can receive as well as give instructions, can pay attention longer and can play well and interact with other kids. Most kids this age are between preschool and kindergarten. Toys that will aid their continued development include blocks, puzzles, crayons, paint and brushes, modeling clay, picture and audiobooks and so on.

As a parent of a child or children through these various stages of development, it’s always a good idea to have a chat with your pediatrician so that they can give you proper guidance on which toys will be perfect for your children as well as safe.

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