RoyaumeLudique specialize in custom made children’s toys which are handmade, age appropriate and adhere to very high standards of quality. We are essentially a manufacturer and a retailer that specializes in interactive children’s toys that aid in their growth and development. We have manufactured and sold a wide array to different types of toys to parents thereby putting big smiles on many kids.

We specialize in custom children’s toys that range from early learning games, puzzles, construction games, board games, outdoor games, todecoration games, and many more. The idea is to have interactive games that engage all the senses of your children thus promoting their continued development. Our products are mainly made out of wood as we fully understand the many dangers that plastics and other synthetic material being used by most toy manufacturers expose our children to.

As a parent, we usually encourage you to first have a chat with your pediatrician and based on the type of toys they recommend for you to introduce your children to, we’ll custom make just for your child. We have seen the impact that our toys have had on many children who use them and we can guarantee you that working with us is the best decision you will ever make for your child.

It’s our desire to keep your children engaged.