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Are you new to Singapore? You need to know the complete information about the Singapore so that you will get some idea regarding tourist hotspots, culture, accommodation, jobs, visa and budget flights.

Sentosa SingaporeSingapore is beautiful, clean, fastest growing, secured and well-developed countries in the world. There are some nearest countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The island is located in a good geographical location which is near to equator line. Thus, country enjoy tropical climate. Some of the official languages spoken in the country including English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Do you know the interesting places to visit in Singapore? There are many places to visit but there are some places which you should not miss visiting it are Sentosa Island, Zoo, Night safari, Birds park, Raffles place etc. Singapore is good for shopping at places like Little India, Orchard, Vivo-city and many shopping malls covering almost all areas in Singapore. In orchard road, singaporeans used to enjoy leisure time with horse racing and other online games.

Singapore is surrounded with over 50 islands. Some of the interesting islands to visit for sure are Pulau Ubin, Kusu Island and St. Johns Island. Here you can even hire a ferry to visit the islands by yourself. You can travel to Malaysia border Johor Bahru, which is just 12kms through Road link.

What can you purchase in Singapore? There are so many things to buy form shopping malls, complexes, street-side shops etc. Here people prefer to buy mostly electronic goods and Gold. So where can the electronic goods available at affordable price? Most of the electronic items available at Mustafa Centre, Sim Lim square, Naranjan Electronics.

Do you know what about the budget or economical International flights to Singapore? There are many flights to Singapore from almost all countries. Some of the budget flights are CEBU Pacific, Air Asia, Lion Air and some of the Singapore based budget flights are Tiger Airways, Jet Star etc.

There are different cuisines available which are delicious and mouth-watering too. They are of Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Indian and of western traditions. The food in Singapore is standardized meaning each and every food stall or restaurant must be issued with grades which must maintain certain levels of food quality. And another interesting thing about Singapore is the foods festival celebrated every year where you can all different food varieties of various cultures.

Thus, the above tips are some interesting things and topics to know who are new and would like to holiday in Singapore.

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