Why Is PHP Important To WordPress?

PHP is an open-source programming language used for web development.  The bulk of the core WordPress written in PHP, thus making PHP important for the WordPress community. Here will see why PHP is crucial to WordPress.


With PHP programming input, WordPress delivers dynamic web pages to visitors of the website.

Ease of Use:

With PHP, WordPress becomes easy to use website for beginners to learn and edit them.


With only a few lines of PHP code, you can able to gain maximum control over your website.


PHP is an open-source programming language and free-to -use.


Most of the quality WordPress hosting providers having the current versions and to get the version you can follow the steps provided in the website https://caveni.com/how-to-check-and-update-the-php-version-of-your-wordpress-site/.


This is much reliable as you can use your site to update regularly to many web pages.


Due to PHP popularity, that lends lot of community support.


Allows the website to work with Windows, MacOS, Linux, or UNIX.


As it is server-side language, it uses its own memory to save your server resources and increase page speeds.


PHP protecting WordPress through its built-in security layers that help protection against viruses and threats.


How Is PHP Used In WordPress?

When you download the latest copy of WordPress from WordPress.org, you can see the ZIP file downloaded which you can open to see the core WordPress files to be PHP. Also, when you open any theme that you installed, it is going to include a bunch of PHP files. When you add any plugins, you can see that also to be PHP. Beyond using PHP for its core files, WordPress also includes a huge number of functions, hooks, classes and methods which will extend WordPress functionality in tons of helpful ways.

Is PHP Important To WordPressFor instance, one of the most well-known functions is the_content( );. This small snippet looks very innocent enough and it is actually what your theme uses to display the entire content of each one of your blog posts.

One tiny snippet can able to convert into a 10,000 word blog post, after web server finishes processing the PHP code. All these functions, hooks, classes and methods play a crucial role to make WordPress flexible.

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